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Grades K-2
Be a Business Bee
Engage in a play based learning experience focused on community, business, and entrepreneurship.
create a logo icon
Grades 3-4
Create a Logo
Introducing students to business marketing through the use of branded logos and toolkits.
yec icon
Grades 4-7
Youth Enterprise Camp
A unique and memorable entrepreneurship experience, through a variety of games and activities.
biz budget icon
Grades 5-6
Biz Budget
Explore the basics of business finances through a series of fun and fulfilling activities.
market your thoughts icon
Grades 7-8
Market Your Thoughts
Introducing students to creative marketing through various media sources and platforms.
pitch 30 icon
Grades 9-10
Pitch 30
An interactive workshop that focuses on public speaking in relation to exciting entrepreneurships.
get funded icon
Grades 11-12
Get Funded
Introducing students on how to get funding for their future or present business ventures.

Youth Enterprise Camp

Embark on a one-of-a-kind camp with Head Start in Business. Dive into entrepreneurship through engaging games and activities. Operate your own business for a day and unlock essential skills for success. Join the Youth Enterprise Camp for an energetic experience that shapes the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Don’t miss out. Secure your spot today.


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