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Head Start in Business offers a unique and memorable virtual camp experience where students learn about entrepreneurship through a variety of games and activities, and have the opportunity to operate their own business for a day.

The Youth Enterprise Camp introduces youth aged 9-13 to the values, attitudes, qualities and skills needed to be successful in today’s economy. High-energy games, activities and workshops challenge every participant to discover their entrepreneurial selves.

Develop Your Business Concept & Marketing

Students will go through a series of idea generating activities and develop their business concept using the business model canvas. They will use their creativity to develop a business name, logo and marketing plan.

Develop Financial Skills

Students will learn what the financial requirements are for their businesses. They will learn how much it costs to produce their products, how to price their products, and take out a loan to finance their start-ups.

Become an Entrepreneur

Students will open their businesses to the public. A facilitated market will give students a real life experience on what it’s like to operate their businesses. At the end of the activity, they will close their business and repay their loans. The best part, they keep their profits and get the title of Entrepreneur.

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