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Trista Vermette

Project Manager

Contact Trista at Head Start in Business by clicking one of the buttons below. You can also contact the main office to talk with her team, who will be happy to serve you.


What age groups are best suited for these workshops?

HSIB is a continuum of six (6) workshops starting from kindergarten to grade 12. You will notice an age group identified on each workshop. The curriculum connections are identified for those proposed grades. However, you are welcome to use any workshop that may meet your classroom needs.

These workshops are designed to be offered in class with the involvement of the teacher. Each workshop has a teacher manual that outlines the expectations, and workshop requirements.

Yes! Once you have purchased a workshop, you will have access to the video and the resources for an unlimited amount of time.

Send us an email! We will work with you to ensure that all of your SHSM students are presented with a certificate of completion.

If you have completed all of the workshops and want to take the next steps with your business idea, get in touch! We will meet with you to set up an individualized plan to meet your business needs.


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There are currently no job postings. Please check back soon.

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