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Fire Circle Transition to Tourism Entrepreneurship Program

January 16, 2024

The Transition to Tourism Entrepreneurship Program is a comprehensive business development program founded on Firecircle’s 5×5 Method™ and customized to empower 1,000 Indigenous, Northern and Rural tourism and hospitality entrepreneurs from across Canada to envision, launch and grow their best business ideas through a series of animated online and live video workshops, step-by-step guidance and expert, sustained mentorship.

“I think it would be beneficial to anyone starting a tourism business to go through the Firecircle program. It’ll really open their eyes to how they need to conduct their business and the support with the Firecircle group is amazing.”

– L. and C. Munroe, Trapper Creek Outfitters, Saskatchewan

Look out, world! You’ll be blazing your way to a competitive, sustainable and amazing tourism business in no time!

What are the Benefits?
  • Personalized coaching and mentorship
  • Confidence, independence, pride & change
  • Being your own boss, while helping your family and community
  • Networking
  • Firecircle’s 5×5 Method™: 5-step, 25 animated video workshops, worksheets, workbook customized for Indigenous audience
  • Personalized vision session
  • Business mapping template
  • 5 additional custom workshops to support Indigenous entrepreneurs
  • Live weekly themed calls on Firecircle 5×5 concepts
  • Group and individual coaching – life and entrepreneurial mindset skills
  • Group and individual business mentorship (Indigenous and non-indigenous subject matter experts in tourism and hospitality development)
  • Design, operations, branding, marketing and financial management mentorship
  • Affiliate opportunity (future potential to become a Firecircle mentor in your community and earn $
What to expect after completion?
  • A clear understanding of yourself, your business and a plan for success
  • A path to transformation – the support to pivot or re-start your business post-pandemic
  • Opportunities for self employment while strengthening local economies and communities
  • Entrepreneurial skills and knowledge within: branding and marketing, operations, finance, physical design
  • Access to a community and network of business leaders and entrepreneurs to continue learning from

Transition to Tourism Entrepreneurship is a project of The Firecircle Ltd. and is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program (SIP) and our partners at Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada.

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